Shockwave, also called Acoustic Wave Therapy, is a radial shockwave device which uses the body’s intrinsic repair mechanisms to regenerate the tissue. The application of the focused acoustic wave therapy results in transient cellular membrane permeability. The exchange of substances between cells is thus improved. The acoustic wave therapy treatment increases blood flow in all the tissue layers, including the connective tissue, through vasodilation and vascularization.

  • Cover more indications – Energy ranges from 10mJ to 190mJ, at 10mJ increments. Accurate energy settings mean accurate protocols for treatment.
  • High efficiency – 5 different transmitters made of high quality alloy
  • Precise settings – Frequency ranges from 1Hz to 22Hz, at 1Hz increments. Easy to adjust the frequency at any time while in operation.The Smart-Wave radial shockwave machine can support over 6,000 continuous pulses, then built in overheating self-protection kicks in.
  • Durable design – At least 2 million shots for every ballistic bullet. You can attain triple the amount of usage with proper maintenance.
  • Versatile usage – Dual channel output