Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Machine for ED

The process involves a very slight injury or lesion to the affected area by repeated shockwave for ED, thereby stimulating the development of new blood vessels into the area, which promotes tissue healing by applying a series of low-energy shock waves.

ESWT was proved to be helpful in various medical conditions, including ED and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Over the last decade, ESWT has been increasingly proposed as a best shockwave machine for ED.

ESWT for Erectile Dysfunction uses a low-energy shock wave which can improve the response for erectile dysfunction. It involves spontaneous erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. The person with mild to severe ED can likely benefit from shockwave therapy. It might be a good option for men who,

  • Desires a treatment to reverse the cause of ED.
  • looking for a better response to treat ED.
  • Want a non-invasive treatment for their ED.

ESWT for ED works by providing a low-intensity shock wave to the penis area. A practitioner or therapist uses a probe to administer these. Before proceeding, a gel is applied as an interface to conduct the shock pulses. ESWT method showed a significant improvement in erection quality in people with and without additional medication.

ESWT therapy uses mild shockwaves administered at least once a week or for six weeks. The low-intensity shockwaves treat ED at a cellular level. During the process, patients experience a very light or no discomfort at all. Over 95 percent of patients that receive ESWT feel no pain during the procedure.

The benefits of extracorporeal shock wave therapy machine for ED include:

  • Generally painless and low-risk treatment.
  • No known extra significant risk to men with complicated health conditions.
  • No recovery period.

Shockwave therapy helps to improve the volume of blood flow into the tissue to achieve harder, longer-lasting erections. ESWT is currently considered an investigational treatment modality for ED and can potentially help men regain sexual desire and satisfaction. The energy pulses in ESWT are very similar to sound waves used in the ultrasound process. There is usually no uneasiness during or after the procedure. The ideal purpose of the shockwave is to help you restore intimacy with your partner.